Mar 30

How clinical trials software can boost work proficiency

Computerizing clinical trials can help managing your business in a click. By using a computer software, you will be able to manage the bulk of your work and projects from a single computer, and cut down the number of endless meetings between project managers and investigators. Hence, clinical trial software will simplify clinical research, making them less expensive to run. Clinical trials software are expertly developed to give solutions to people like you, who need an easy and resilient way to maximize research funds.

Because they can be run online, clinical trial software are a must for people who need to transit a lot, so they can manage and work away from the office. Using a clinical trial management software will allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest events or changes throughout the study. Also, by computerizing will allow you and relevant people to have access to more succinct and relevant information in a timely manner, preventing discrepancies. Hence, when necessary, quick decisions can be taken quickly, avoiding unnecessary loss of time. Computer software can be used in various ways, find out how it can help your organization or business run in a more efficient way.

When choosing a software for clinical trials, make sure you are choosing the right program.

1.Your software should be adequate for the size of your organization (small, medium, large)

2.It should adhere to ICH regulations, as well as your country regulations about clinical trials

3.Preferably, your software should be have the flexibility to add other regulations in the system, such as your organization’s, province or state

4.Your clinical trial software should be user friendly, therefore easy to learn and use

5.Your software should be able to be upgraded easily, providing that important change are made in the ICH regulations, or other relevant ones

6.The provider should offer a good support, even if you have a good IT team

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7.Some providers offer on-demand clinic trial software: you can get the whole package, or cut down on the price and take only what is important to you

8.Many providers offer you a free demo. It would be a good idea for you (and your coworkers) to try out their system before transferring your whole clinical trial to their software

9.Some companies offer open source software, so you can adapt their software to your needs

10.Finally, ask for other people’s opinion (key employees). By having important staff participate in the final decision, you will increase your chances to make the right software choice.

OpenClinica is an example of an open source clinical trial software, and offer the flexibility of adding or making changes to your software accordingly to your needs

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