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Why people join clinical trials

The story of Samantha

Samantha is the mother of two. As her baby child started showing strong symptoms of asthma, Samantha got involved in an asthma and dust study. “It was a very easy study”, she recalls, “Every week someone would come and collect dust from my apartment”. After completion of the study, the staff informed her about other type of studies conducted at the hospital, and that is how Samantha got introduced to the world of clinical trials. Because of her own experience with her child, Samantha decided to join more clinical research studies, with the hope that her involvement will benefit other people with asthma, especially the children. Although she does earn a well-rounded income to support her family, Samantha admits that the other benefit of participating in clinical trials is the supplement income that allows her to indulge herself at times. For example, Samantha uses the extra income to treat herself to trips every year and discover new cultures and old civilizations, without the worries and the guilt of digging in the family savings. Samantha has now been involved in clinical research  studies for over 12 years and has even developed very good relationships with lots of the senior staff at the clinical trial center.

The story of Davis

Davis was a 21 years old student when he started participating in clinical trials. With his busy schedule at school and high tuition costs, he had a difficult time managing his tight budget. As he was reading the newspaper in the bus, an ad regarding a clinical trial at the local university caught his attention. He called the number and after getting all the information and a lot of thinking, Davis decided to join the study. He was a little bit concerned with the possible side effects were a bit of a concern, but for Davis, the payout outweighed the worries. Two year later, even though he finished school, Davis still participate in clinical trials on a regular basis.

The story of Anna

Anna is a young professional who, when she was a little girl, found herself spending a lot of the hospital because of severe asthma attacks. With time, her asthma has improved and she barely uses any medication anymore. Anna is very grateful that, when she was a child, medication was available to help her improve her breathing and allowed her to live a normal life. Today, Anna feels that her participation in clinical trials, especially in asthma clinical trials, will help other people live a better life without having to go through the same childhood experience.

The story of Jake

Jake is a single dad. As a single parent, Jake often found it difficult to pay off the bills and to cover for the needs of his teenage girl in the same time. Although his daughter was very understanding of his situation, Jake sometimes wished he could offer her more. Through a friend of his, Jake learned about clinical trials. He contacted the clinical trial center. Several tests and blood draws later, Jake used his first paycheck to send his daughter on a trip to Europe. Up to this day, Jake still volunteers in clinical trials on an occasional basis, giving him the luxury to treat his daughter every once in a while.

The story of Ricky

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Ricky is a retired teacher. He has always been passionate with helping and teaching other people. Ricky heard about clinical research studies through a television ad. After retirement, as he had more time in hand, he decided to volunteer. Ricky feels that his participation in clinical trials is his way to contribute to new knowledge that may help the sick people. And he adds, “someone has to do it”.

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