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3 ways to make money fast

Are you late on rent? Are you finding difficult to decide whether filling up your car with gas to get to work or paying for groceries? In today’s economic crisis, it is common for many people to suddenly find themselves short on money. Available funds and traditional sources of credit are more difficult to find than ever. So here are 3 ways to raise cash in a few days.

Worried about money?

1. Taking in a “roommate”
You got into real estate when the economy was still going strong. But now that the world is drowning into the economic crisis, your chances to get that salary raise you were hoping to get to help you pay you mortgage are as possible as you winning the lottery. You have that extra room you use as an office space (that you used once… when you put together the office table) or that extra room you are now using as storage space. Sharing living expenses can be a good way to help you earn a little bit more income every month and will add more cash in your pocket. However, make sure that when you ask someone to move into your spare room, you draw up a lease agreement, even if the prospective tenant or boarder is someone you know.
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2. Renting your luxury accessories
While the economy was blooming and money was “growing on trees”, you decided to indulge yourself and got yourself a few high end accessories. The “Louis Vutton”, “Gucci” and “Prada” are sitting at the back of your closet. However, with today’s economic recession, you find that the occasions to take them out of their protective bag is happening less and less often. Although the economic slowdown is touching everyone, not everybody is willing to get over their taste for luxury. Some creative people have found a new way to making money: renting out luxury accessories. Instead of committing themselves to buying one expensive item that they will need to keep for the rest of their life, and digging deep into their budget, some people now prefer to rent luxury accessories. Hence, those people will rent an otherwise too expensive bag or dress for a special occasion such as a wedding, a prom or or business cocktail

3. Becoming a clinical trial volunteer
You probably heard about them on TV, on the radio or read about them in the paper. However, when money was “growing on trees”, they never caught you attention. As a matter of facts, clinical research trials were once mostly popular among the student population. In today’s economic turndown, clinical research trials are now more and more popular as a way to make quick and easy money for everybody. Before you enroll in a clinical research trial, the staff conducting the studies will determine if you are suitable for the study (inclusion and exclusion criteria). After you enrollment, you will undergo several procedures and may test a new medication or therapy. How much they pay will depend on the clinical trial you decide to enroll in, and on the drug development phase. Although they may pay well, you have to remember that there may be side effects from the new medication or therapy. However, the clinical trial staff will let you know about all the possible side effects of the new drugs, and your health is always their priority. Finally, as a subject, you have the right to leave the study at any time.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other ways to generate extra income. Keep your eyes and ears open and look for opportunities.

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