Apr 03

Jobs in the clinical research industry is not affected by the recession

Yes, there are jobs in the clinical research and other connected industries. This is what pharmaceutical companies are confirming. Despite the past months turmoils in the world’s global economy, jobs are still offered in the clinical research industry recession and has yet to affect those working in the industry. Student are still welcomed to apply for paid internships, and are likely to get jobs.

Darcy Johnson, a clinical research monitor based in the U.S. and Linna Lui, a clinical trial coordinator in Canada both mention that they did not notice any slowdown in the clinical trials industry. Clinic sites are still been approched for clinical trials. Many pharma companies are in good economic health. Of course, there are fewer raises and promotions. Even if the money is there, companies are more careful, because they don’t know how everybody will cope with the economic turndown on the long run.

The merge between Wyeth and Pfizer has worried more than one about the future of the pharma industry

The recent merge between big pharma, such as Wyeth and Pfizer had led to several lay offs and worries among many others. However, this type of merge happens in all industries, and lay offs are unavoidable as a duplicate of the workforce is created by the merge.

Although there have been cuts in the pharmaceutical companies, most costs occurred at the base of drug discovery, and is not affecting the later stage of drug development.

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